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My parents, John and Ola Berndsen, were loving, generous people who taught me the value of hard work mixed with kind heartedness, integrity blended with compassion, and self dicipline trimmed with a joy for life. I owe, in large part, who I am to my parents and to theirs.

John B. Berndsen Ola Price Morrison Berndsen
1740 ? Jan Berend Berends.
Married Anna Margaretha Lambers in Hannover.
- -
1760 Lambert Bernends born in Freren, Kon. Hannover
Married Anna Maria Tromp in 1794 in Hannover.
- -
1794 Frank Bernsen. Married Anna Maria Brummer in 1815 in Holland. He immigrated to America on the ship Wakema at the age of 52 via New Orleans.
1771 John Morrison
Moved to America from Scottish Island of Lewis -- Clan Morrison.
1847 Herman H. Berndsen,
Moved to America from Holland via the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Louis and settled in Damiansville, Illinois where he started a grocery business.
- -
1865 Frank Berndsen,
the son of Herman, enlisted in the Union Army in the Illinois Infantry, Company F, One Hundred and Fiftieth, and fought in the Civil War.
1861 Silas Morrison,
grandson of John Morrison, fought in the second battle of Bull Run in Company G, 20th Regiment of the New York Volunteers.
    1863 Silas Morrison,
Discharged from the Union Army
1881 Frank Berndsen
Moved to Piqua, Kansas and opened a grocery store.
1888 Silas Morrison
Moved to Coffeyville, Kansas and leased land from the Indian Territory. His wife, Estella, wrote a note for The Journal in Coffeyville about her contact with the Dalton Gang.
1904 Frederick Joseph Berndsen,
the son of Frank Berndsen owned a grocery store and pool hall in Andale, Kansas.
1892 The Day of the Dalton Boy Raid and Silas Morrison.
1935 John (Johnnie) Berndsen
Reopened a grocery store, named Berndsen & Orth in Andale, Kansas some time after his father's death. He also owned and operated The 96 Club, a dance hall.
  The Morrisons settled in the Griffins Corner, New York area, and we are working on a connection with Marion Morrison, (John Wayne).
1941 John (Johnnie) Berndsen
My father worked for Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas on B29s.
1862 Jesse Price,
my maternal great, great grandfather served in the Confederate Army and was killed at Bull Run. He came from the Big Sandy River area, Paintsville, Kentucky. He was a cousin to Major General Sterling Price, Governor of Missouri.
1941 Simon Berndsen
my father's cousin, was on the USS Oklahoma on December 7, at Pearl Harbor. He survived to tell the story.
1941 Bernard (Bernie) Berndsen
Simon's brother, fought in World War II on the aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet, and fought in the Doolittle Raid.
1945 John (Johnnie) Berndsen,
moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and opened a The Royal Grocery Store. Born in 1943, Johnny Berndsen learned his values and business acumen from his parents and continues to exemplify his long family history of dependable service.
1962 John (Johnny) (JD) Berndsen
I started my carpet and tile apprenticeship in Colorado Springs, and have extended my reputation as a Master Installer all along the Front Range of Colorado. I have four children, Jeffery, Allyson, Cyndy, and Wyndy who continue to represent the Berndsens in service professions and business.

When quality is required, call Johnny Berndsen.

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