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The knowlege I have acquired in my 36 years of experience in the floor covering trade is applied to every job that I contract. As new products are developed, new installation techniques are required. I continue to take classes and attend conventions as a Certified Floor Covering Installer and member of CFI.

You can be assured that beneath your beautiful floor covering or countertop is a well prepared surface which is appropriate for the product and the area in which it is installed. The AccuSquare, laser level, insures fast flooring and tile layouts, precise 90 degree angles, and identifies uneven surfaces quickly.

Preparation is 90% of the end result. Your floor or countertop is only as good as the installer. Why take a chance on a friend or relative with little or no floor covering experience? Reading a "how-to" pamphlet is no substitute for a professional.

As a professional I not only take pride in my work, but can offer you many innovative ideas and creative solutions for problem areas. I take great care with your possessions and respect the fact that I am working in your home. When the job is finished, you will be pleased with the fact that the work area is clean, and the trash is disposed of.

Experience, knowlege, integrity, artistic, creative, dependable, trustworthy, master craftsman, professional. These are not just words, but qualities that I bring to every installation.

When quality is required, call Johnny Berndsen.

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