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Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa's Visit

It was the night before Christmas, as you can see,
And I was home with my family,
We were trying to rest our sleepy heads,
But my brother was filling himself with dread,
He thought that Santa's reindeer would eat him,
He thought his future was dim,
But of course they wouldn't bring him any harm,
So we tried to comfort like my mom,
Suddenly we all heard the ringing of bells,
We ran to the window to see if all was well,
At the top of the stairs guess what we saw,
The jolly old Mr. and Mrs. Claus,
They came right in and got to work,
without event he slightest smirk,
Santa placed the presents under the tree,
There were many to see,
Next he ate the milk and cookies,
And read the letter from me a rookie,
"My favorite elf,"
He asked himself,
"Well maybe Jake,
Taks the cake,"
He read the questions, gave me answers and decided to take the letter with him in his sleigh pulled by the reindeer,
To the North Pole to read later,
But then,
Is when the magic started to begin,
Santa waves his hands,
And then on the tree stands,
Tinsel as pretty as can be,
Tinsel for my whole family to see,
That is when the story ends,
When Santa leaves with all his friends,
We will always remember this Christmas you see,
For the tinsel still stands on our tree!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Santa,
Thank you two so much for coming by our house! We enjoyed it so much! I had asked Ryan if he had wished for Santa to come visit him and he said, "I have been wishing!! It's like a dream come true!" There is nothing better than seeing my child, any child, so beaming with happiness!! Ryan was just beside himself. Ryan also said, "I know that was the REAL Santa, Mom." I asked why and he said, "Only the REAL Santa is that nice, like how he told me to love my family and stuff." Thank you again for making a couple of great kids very happy! ryan wanted to thank you for his new red bike!!

Dave & Tracy Hersch

Dear Ones,

Mrs. Claus and I enjoy living at the North Pole very much. The cold air and snow is very invigorating for us both. My favorite color is redand I wear it even when I am relaxing after a long day working in the toy shop. I often wear red trousers, suspenders, striped T-shirt, heavy socks and black boots.

The job of Santa has evolved into a full time occupation. I made toys for all the boys and girls in my small village when I was young, and gradually it became a full-time occupation, with many boys and girls in neighboring villages who needed toys too. Though there have been a couple of years that some naughty children received an orange peel in their stocking, every child has received a gift from Santa.

As you know, I have nine reindeer. They live here at the North Pole and are very anxious this time of year. Their names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixon, and, of course, Rudolph. Sometimes, I ask Mrs. Claus to travel with me. She enjoys being with me and seeing all of the Christmas decorations as we fly around the world.

The elves are busy, busy, busy, with Jack Frost being the #1 elf this year. I put him in charge of the Christmas List because of his organizational skills and good work ethic.

Well, I must close now. Be sure to mind your parents, and go to bed early. I will be in your neighborhood very soon.


P.S. Remember that Love is the greatest gift to give and to receive.

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