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Silas Morrison

Silas Morrison Back in about 1992 I asked my mother, Ola Morrison Berndsen, what was Grandpa Silas doing on the day of the Dalton Boy bank robbery? "Well," she said, "The Daltons passed Grandpa on the highway going into Coffeyville." That was all she knew. I believe that had to be around the bridge at Onion Creek and the Whiskey Trail road by the accounts I have read.

Then in about 1997, I went to Coffeyville and met my cousin Margie and her husband, Glenn. They had this to say. "On the day the Daltons robbed the two banks in Coffeyville. Let's see, that was the Condon and the First National in 1892. It was the year before my mother was born, Ila. Silas, my grandpa, was bringing his daughter, Dora, 16, to see the Doctor, and with them was Elwyn, 14. Anyway, they were at the edge of town and got to South Walnut they noticed people were just running around and every which way and yelling back and forth to everyone." My mother said, "You know Pa. He had to know everything, so he asked. What's going on? What going on?" They said, "The banks' have been robbed, and they got the four of them laid out in front of the Condon bank downtown." And you know grandpa, he had to go see. And took Dora up when she saw them laid out she fainted dead a way, as my mother said."

There three pictures in the book, What Really Happened on October 5, 1892, written by Lue Barndollar, that may hold a clue to that day and what Silas and the kids were doing.

10:30am - By the accounts, all four were laid out in death alley. They were laid on lumber planks outside the stable at about 10:30 am. In this picture it shows a boy looking out of the side of the barn just above the four outlaws. Again, this may be Elwyn. Click on the image to see a close-up of the boy.
11:00am - This pictures shows a boy about Elwyn's age (14) on the right side of the carriage, and the carriage is close enough for Dora to see all four bodies. I think this is Grandpa Silas's carriage. This picture was taken from Dr.Wells office on the outside staircase second floor, showing the alley and the bodies in coffins. Click on the image to see a close-up of the boy to the right of the carraige.
11:15am - Meanwhile the boy has moved from the right side of the carriage to over by the bodies and is seen standing next to a man that could be Grandpa Silas. There is a man in a white shirt talking to someone inside the carriage. Maybe this is Dr. Wells talking to Dora. If Grandpa would have been 1hr. earlier he would have been right in the middle of the shootout . Oct. 5 1892 was a Wednesday a school day when most kids would be off the streets. Click on the image to see close-up.


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